Country side house Masía Catalana close Girona - Sant Martí de Llémena

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Property ID : masía girona sant martí de llémena

On Sale NA - FARMHOUSE, House
518 + 20 ha 5 Bedrooms5 Bathrooms2 Garages Print this page

Description of the property:

This Masía Catalana belongs to the municipality of St.Martí de Llémena, province of Girona.

This Mas is located at 15 minutes from Girona centre and at 40 minutes of the nearest lovely beaches of Costa Brava (Empordà).

The “Vall de Llémena”is an evergreen wonderfull,quiet,small valley retainting all the flavors of nature and authenticity of catalan folk essence.Dated 1764, the house was fully restored along the years 2008/2009.

The living surface of the two story house is 518,96 sq.m.

The floor of the house is entirely covered with a 3,5cm (1.4″) plain oak, hiding a comfortable and invisible radiant warmth system.

The energy (see photos) comes from the gas stored 2.000 liters deposit below the ground in the garden.

The system is helped through a six solar panel battery providing thirty per cent of the heating.

The house also has two deposits of 4.000 liters.(beside house)

The house is provided with 5 large double rooms with an attached completed bathroom in each one.

Furthermore the house has its own water supply coming from an excellent and natural spring sprouting in the lands properties.

It is a remarkable fact that the property even in dry periods,and as far as it can be remembered, was always provided whith this regular and good water

(In fact, Mas Vila is self dependent concerning water supply and even return water to the river)

Two tanks of 4000 liters. Provides water to the next fields (exterior tanks).

This unique stately farm house is south oriented amidts 6.000 sq.m of almond, olive, apple, pear, and many others fruit trees.

20 hectares of flat fields and 20 hectares of wood completes the landscape

The total surface of the property is 91.000 m2

Next to the main house, there is two floor auxliary house ( aprox. 110.sq.m. ).


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