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Begur, Costa Brava

Begur is located in the heart of Ampurdán, both the town and its beaches are part of one of the most beautiful places on the Costa Brava

. A walk through the old town full of significant monuments of its history as well as the small Romanesque nucleus, its coves and beaches, are part of a privileged landscape.

Old Town

The most well-known image of Begur is its Medieval Castle, sixteenth-century defense houses, the Gothic church or other historic buildings such as the Cultural Casino; It is worthwhile to stroll a little and enjoy the decoration of its streets thanks to the many Indian houses of colonial style of the nineteenth century.

We can also see the small village of Esclanyà is especially interesting for its quiet Romanesque nucleus where we will find the emblematic church of Sant Esteve, the castle building and a 16th century building.

Its beaches and water activities

The coast of Begur offers a coastline of incomparable beauty, the cliffs, the pine trees, the coves of crystalline waters make this area the best expression of the Costa Brava.

For those who enjoy water sports, you will not miss days to practice the many activities that you can do. Kayaking, diving, scuba diving, boat trips as well as a safe swimming trail; A route for those who love swimming, the so-called “wild roads”

Ronda’s roads

These roads are one of the main attractions and well-known of Begur. A circuit divided in four sections that surround the 20 km of the coast. Formerly used by the carabineros who watched tobacco smuggling, and also so that fishermen could go fishing.

A bit of hiking

In order to visit Begur well we recommend you to walk with appropriate footwear to pass from a pedestrian zone to a leafy forest full of pines.

Many of the most remote places can only be reached on foot, so it is well worth the effort to discover everything that is offered. We can take the famous Camins Vells where formerly the Begurenses used them to communicate Begur with the coves. We also found two trails of medium and high difficulty (SL, local trail and GR, long route).

Your gastronomy

Its gastronomy reflects the richness of an area open to the Mediterranean. Kitchen with a first line raw material focused basically on seafood and fish from all over the coast. We can enjoy from a traditional seafood cuisine to a vegan cuisine with fresh fruits and vegetables that come from the interior. The seasonal products that the area generates have contributed to the gastronomic prestige that characterizes the area.

Popular festival, a cultural legacy

The most emblematic begins at the beginning of September, celebrating La Fira d’Indians where a historical period is revived. A tribute to his Indian past, a party around the relationship between Cuba and Begur during the nineteenth century.

The emigration of many Begurenses to the island during the XIX century to make fortune and returning to the town having prospered in their businesses.

On their return, ostentatious houses of colonial style were constructed that at the moment still decorate the streets. They called themselves “the Americans” and sought to recreate Cuba’s way of life. A whole cultural legacy.

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